Sunday, December 6, 2009


This is Dave. Kari and I wanted to reach out and give you a quick update on the journey our family is experiencing, mostly to let family and friends know how much we love you and are so grateful and humbled by all your thoughts and prayers and concerns for our family's behalf. We deeply appreciate all the help and love we have received and continue to receive from so many wonderful people.

Sadee is enjoying first grade. She loves being able to read and write and is very talented at math. She has made wonderful friends being at a new school this year and loves her teacher, as do we, Mrs. Goodwin.

Ava has been able to attend a neighborhood joyschool and spends lots of time with mommy, cooking, playing and visiting grandparents. She has developed a contagious sense of humor and keeps our spirits lifted.

Kari is as expected- worried, emotional, afraid and so deeply heartbroken by the devastation that has resulted by this experience. With the loss of a career she is now home taking care of Ava and Sadee as well as doing everything she can to seek understanding and make restitution for some grave errors.

The last three months have been extremely hard, but we still feel gratitude for the many blessings our family receives, even among this tragedy. It is Christmas time and we would be nobody to not acknowledge the Lord in our lives. We continue to ask for His help and your prayers as we stand to face some pretty drastic changes in our family in the next week or so.

Kari wanted me to post that all friends and family who can come on Thursday, December 17th @ 10am to support in her sentencing are wanted and welcome. She would appreciate that support so much.

Much Love and Merry Christmas

Dave and Kari