Sunday, November 30, 2008

Austrailia Awed Me

If there are Gone With The Wind fans out there have I got a movie for you. Austrailia, with Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. Not many movies like this one guys. It had it all- action, emotion, legend, romance, and much more. It was very believeable and heartwarming. Go see it- if for no other reason than to see a very built Jackman. Oo, La La! Didn't think I would EVER be attracted to a cattle driver.

A+ on this one.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Family Night

Sadee came home today from school with our family night all planned out. We were to play Native Americans and talk about the pilgrims and how the indians helped the first Americans. So... her wish was granted.

Coming up with the names was the funnest part... oh and saying we are_________ for only one more moon!

Dave- Buffalo Sky
Kari- Owl Creek
Ava- Tiger Lilly
Sadee- Little Bear

You should have seen Ava's smiles as we chanted around the living room called each other our "Native" name.

Love nights like this.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Being a PE teacher I am aware of what kids are great athletes and what kids aren't. Love them all but I am obviously aware. Teaching this year has me 100% convinced that wrestlers are the hands down the most refined athletes in school. I am also here to dispel the ever popular comment of "Wrestlers are GROSS!" I think not! They have endurance, grit and an incredible amount of discipline. I dated wrestlers in high school and thought they were sexy! Such hard workers. I remember the crazy dates where I was the only one eating at dinner because my date was 3 lbs too much for the next days meet. Or they couldn't come to the football game because they had to run off weight or meet with coaches to master moves. Although every sport has some of that, I am here to tell you that wrestlers have my vote this year. No one in Sandcreek works harder than those 25 boys. Watching our school's team this year has me convinced that if I ever have a son he will wrestle. If for nothing more than the discipline.

Boutique Hats

I have scene these cute hats all year and finally bought the girls some at the big boutique this last Saturday. Which as a sidenote that place was crazy. You honestly couldn't even walk down the rows and see anything. We left after a 30 minutes. WAY TO MANY PEOPLE IN A SMALL SPACE!

The hats were worth it though. I think they capture the innocence in little girls. Love them.

Twilight... of course

Did I like it? YES! Of course the movie can't capture all the internal conflict of Bella that makes up SO much of the book but for a low budget film with beautiful actors I thought is was good. Hard book to adapt really.

Loved the restruant scene, Emmett's character, Edward and Victoria too. New Moon has been officially announced though.. yeah!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

50's Party

So Sadee has officially been in school 50 days. To celebrate her class had a fifties party which included learning the twist, listening Elvis, hula hooping and counting by 50's! Sadee's teacher is seriously one of the most CREATIVE people I know. She has anything and everything you would ever need to teach Kindergarten. Amazing teacher.

And shout out to Nancy for making the girls the poodle skirts. We love em! The girls have worn them almost everyday.

Thanks so much... I owe ya!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

It was a happy, happy Halloween!

Halloween is just so fun! Every year I think of all the fun things our family can do to make October special. This year we visited the pumpkin patch, decorated our home, read spooky stories, and made way too many treats! Thursday I took the day off work to spend the day in Kindergarten with Sadee. Friday our school danced the Thriller (sidenote- we will be on TV on Sunday night, channel 3, at 5:30 and 10:00pm) and I chapperoned the dance- too funny. It made me think back to 8th grade dances. You know, where everyone WANTS to dance but no one really does? Lots of memories there. We also did the classic Trunk or Treat and then had friends over for a night of ghoolish fun. Food, games and even the classic Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. Sadee went as Cleopatra, Ava Pocahontas, Dave the Mexican Moffia and myself, a flapper. We cracked up at all of the adult costumes. Below are the pics- I also included a video of Dave bobbing for apples. I think I disturbed my kids as I forced his head into the water. It was really funny.