Sunday, September 28, 2008

We Love Our Uncle Jeff!

We love our Uncle Jeff, my little brother, who is one of the funnest, nicest and neat people I know. This weekend we counted our blessings that he was ok after finding out at a regular eye exam that he had a blocked ventricle in his brain, creating abnormal amounts of pressure in his head. Within hours of the MRI Jeff met with a neurologist and was scheduled for surgery the following day. My dad and mom traveled to Utah early Saturday morning to be there with Brianne and give their love and support for a very unexpected surgery.

The news is good though. The doctors were able to place a shunt in Jeff's brain which now allows the excess fluid to drain to his lower abdomen, relieving the dangersou pressure around the brain. It is unknown why the blockage occured but we do know that it was very life-threating. Our family is feeling very blessed that the eye dr. was able to notice something wrong. According to the neuro surgeon, many of these blockages are diagnosed during an autopsy.

Jeff is to make a full recovery and minus footbal and other head-contact sports, he will be back to himself soon. Thank goodness.

We are SO grateful, as is Jeff and Brianne, for our Father in Heaven who is so aware of our lives- intricately involved in our well being more so than we realize. Our family realized it a little more this weekend.

Finally a camera!!

Somewhere in the craziness of our year our camera went missing. Going weeks without memories we broke down and bought a new one. Not fancy but having bought ours 5 years ago it was cheaper and nicer than before!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Much love to the Johnson family

Having been very close friends with one of Wayne Richards(Johnson) daughters in HS and college I have been listening to KLCE and reflecting on memories of their family today. What a honorable and service-filled life he lead. I have read and heard so many wonderful comments about him that it has really made me realize I want to live a life the same way. I want to live so I can be remembered the way he has been. He was the quiet smile and influence in a room who will be missed by many.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Ava!

Quirky Kari

And I tag Alisa, Bri, Gina, Becky, Tawnia, Jaclyn and Lora

Here are the rules:
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you
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3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
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1. I CANNOT make a pancake for the life of me! I either mush them, burn them or screw-up the recipe. Dave grew-up with perfect pancakes and in all my attempts to carry on the tradition, I have failed... royally!

2. I don't know how to do hair. Obviously I have the hair that does itself, along with my girls, so hair doing is NOT in the genes. All those cute updos and fancy twists and braids seem daunting to me, although I would like to have more experience in this area. At least Sadee says I need some.

3. I am scared of jeans... that's right. Jeans are like the the item of clothing that either breaks or makes your day and for me, usually breaks. None fit right, none are sized right, their expensive and uncomfortable. I do have some very cute jeans in my closet gathering dust that used to be worn (when cookies and peanut butter weren't quite so enticing), but I rarely wear them. I literally panic when I try them on just waiting for the drama to unfold. Very quirky I know.

4. I HAVE to read before going to bed at night... no matter what. Even if it is 2 am and I am exhausted I have to read to wind down. I sometimes only get through 1 page or less but it is a must.

5. I don't wear my seatbelt regularly... but enforce it in my kids like a NAZI. Tell me what is wrong with that. I don't really even know why I don't. I don't mind the seatbelt, don't even mind taking the 10 seconds to click it in. I just can't seem to automatically do it. My car is constantly beeping at me for this reason. I think my girls have giving up argueing with me about it because I, truely, don't even have a good reason... just strangly don't. Stupidity on my part.

6. I am EXTREMELY competitive! Ultra! It takes me 30 seconds to get into anything and want to win. I am like this with games, opinions, jobs, etc.


Sunday Sugar Cookies

After having about 10 people ask me about a recipes for those AMAZING cookies I figured I better give it.

Winco Bakery and aisle 3 for the frosting...

and I laughed every message out-loud!!

If you want a REALLY good one I would be happy to give it to you. My grandmas from way back beats those anyday.

Thanks for the props though ladies!!

Too funny

Thursday, September 11, 2008


It's been the topic of conversation at our house this week.

Sadee Says- "I have remembered all my friends names from school mom. Riley, London, Kirche, Elle, Kristen, and River. He is boy mom, not a river."

Ava Says- "I play with Jordan, Hayden and Broccoli" (aka Brooklyn). Now doesn't that make you smile? Pepper too mom, he's a bunny.

Dave says- "Can potatoes be friends?"

Kari says- "Eighth-graders make great validating friends!"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Favorite Movies

My principal asked us our favorite movie during our faculty meeting last week which got me to thinking... " What is mine?" I have figured it out, and got Dave involved too. :)

Kari #1 The Goonies
(and as a side note, there is going to be a Goonies 2, WITH the original cast. CRAZY! Chunk grown-up, or Mikey? Too funny.

Next, Pearl Harbor. Love history, and LOVE those boys in that movie.

Sixteen Candles... just because it reminds me of funny times with my sister (well that and the Love Boat, Remington Steel and Alias... all of which are no longer. :( )

Finally, I can't forget The Notebook. I seriously viewed this film in the theatre, 4 of 5 times, three of those being el solo. It's true. And this was also after reading the book a few times. How can you not love Noah Calhoun??

Dave's list is classic....

Indiana Jones (all of them)
Superman (all of them)
Better Off Dead ( I want my two dollars!)

What are yours??