Sunday, May 24, 2009

Skiing in May? Utah at least. Dave spent last Saturday with a good friend skiing in over 100 inches at Snowbird. Skiing is his running so it was a great day. I have to admit I wasn't thrilled over hearing he had to have an avalanche beeper and shovel where he was but I'm happy he was able to take some time away to do something he loves.

He deserves more of that for sure.

Farmer's Market

Looking for a fun, quick something to do with your kids Saturday morning? As if huh..

But if you are go to the Farmer's Market. They had great music, great weather, great samples and great stuff.

We had 45 minutes to blow as we waited around for family pictures and it was the perfect solution. We bought whole wheat flax pancakes. YUMO! And later in the summer they have GREAT produce from all over local farms.

Golfing after 8 years

I golfed like crazy in High School and actually forced myself to get pretty good too. I was the number one girl for HHS and had lots of fun...


that was then, 10 years ago, and this in now, and I believe until this weekend it's been 8 years since I last hit the links. So getting the invite to join my family for a round this last Saturday, I was thinking I would be the SLOWEST and worst out there, having no fun at all.

I sang Bob Marley, did push-ups, crunches and lunges at every hole (ya, ya, I know I am fanatical), and had tons of fun those 9 holes. I even taught my Dad about the Secret... I will hit PAR this hole. haha AND believe it or not I tied my brother for 1st place hitting a 50 on 9 holes. Not too shabby for first day back.

Thanks Dad for a fun night. Brianne, hang in there. You'll get better... promise. And Jeff... we should go again to see who's REALLY #1.... hahaha

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dance Recital

Sadee has her dance recital this week. Last week she had her "fancy" dance pictures with Hart Photography (only 12 dollars, cool huh?).

The picture speaks for itself, but hello, isn't she adorable? :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

10K Fun Run

FUN is the key word there. I ran this one casual with some of my favorite students from school and had a great time. I had conversation the whole time instead of intense focus.. haha. They did fantastic.

Driztin placed 2nd in the 5k... WOW!
Hayden ran in under 44 minutes in the 10K...geez kid!
Zach, who might I mention is a wrestler and doesn't even run, completed the 10K with me in under 50 minutes! That's impressive for anyone let alone someone who NEVER runs.

I also ran into the legendary Boston guy who I am dying to train with (got an excited), lots of people from our neighborhood who I rarely see, and good old Papa Johnson (my dad) showed up as always to give me 100% of his support. He's wonderful.

But don't worry.

I'll be focused and ready to run in Teton Dam June 13th... no casual fun that day... back to business. I want another win!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lunch With Sadee

Well, sort of. Today I was lucky enough to leave work for a few hours (thanks to prep and Brad Anderson) and meet Sadee's class for an afternoon at the zoo. It was really fun to take her and her little buddies and learn all about the animals. Mrs. Davis, being the ULTRA organized teacher she is had a learning sheet to carry around with us asking the kids questions about all the animals. I was SHOCKED how many of answers these kids knew. Hello, I didn't even know them.

We loved the monkeys, the turtles and the swans the most.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm In

After three years of no go's with St. George this year is a GO! WAHOO! And it geniusly falls over fall break of next school year so we'll be taking the girls down for a mini vacation.

And the best part?

I will get to run with my old running partner Abbie! She is training just as hard via east coast.
Now I have to decide if while training for this one I should make it worth my time and run a few others. haha

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is notorious for being an Alexander's book (The Terrible, No Good,....) kind of day for me. I think out of all my roles in life I seem to fail more as mother than at anything else. IT IS HARD WORK! My children are my greatest joy and greatest investment but it challenges me. Just when I think I've conquered something I am humbled to realized I am just more prepared for the next hurdle. But days like today allow me to regroup and have added strength.


Here's the highlights and few pics

1. Ran 14 miles this am before ANYONE was even awake in this town. :)
2. Had a beautiful plant and sweet little cards to come home to. Thanks guys.
3. Had a nap. :)
4. My dad grilled lemon pepper salmon for me WITH fresh pineapple. YUMMY!
5. I had strawberry shortcake for dessert.
6. The weather was nice enough to spend almost all day outside. LOVING THAT!
7. My kids didn't nap so you guessed it... they're almost in bed. A rare occurence at our house.
8. And finally, I was able to reflect on this year as a mother and appreciate all us girls have accomplished together. We did a lot Sadee and Ava!

Thanks Dave for all your love and support for me as a mother and as a person. No one is better at validating my efforts and encouraging me to go after my dreams. I love you babe.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Race Away the Month

Check out this schedule... talk about fun

Sat, May 9th- Willie Free 5K (yes this race is FREE! It's in Ammon@ McCowin Park at 9am if anyone's interested. Register online

Sat, May 16th- Community Care 10K

Sat, June 13th- Teton Dam 10K

Sat, June 20th- Scenic Falls 10K

I wanted a race every weekend so I'm still working on those few in between.... HAHA

It's addicting, what can I say?

Friday, May 1, 2009


No time to post this week, as it was INSANELY busy. Here is the quick recap along with the "ah-ha" moments I had.

*Sadee's Birthday 6 yrs. old ( more on this in later post :))
*Froze in the sleet and rain at the last SMS home track meet. We did win.
*FINALLY saw the PT for my horribly high arches. It was more than enlighting. All my injuries are related to it, it is fixable, and $500 dollars later I will have orthodics, therapy, and hopefully A MUCH FASTER MILE!!! This is great news.
*Sadee and Ava both had pink eye
*Ava had strep throat AND was screened for the scary swine flu... bad night
*Dave won his basketball league game. Go Dave
*Sadee pasted the "hard" level in reading this week. She is now on real books.. we're so proud
*Watched Sadee's school music concert

And what were the "ah-ha" moments?

1. You feel fat JUST SITTING in Letherby's
2. Sprints NEVER get easier
3. Turning off the last light at night, the bed light, always feels SO good
4. Running in the rain is a spiritual experience for me
5. I always am on empty when I have 5 places to be and i am late for the first one

Gotta love life!