Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Adventures

Alisa and Ryan and Jeff and Brianne came up to visit over the weekend so you can imagine how excited our girls were. Sadee opened Nina's Pretty Princess Nail Parlor and gave Brianne and Alisa both manicures and hair treatments while Ava will do anything for Uncle Ryan's attention. They love their aunties and uncles so much. The kids had fun hiking and 4-wheeling today with family up in Spencer. We figured Sadee hiked more than anyone there today (and also had a 3.5 hr. nap afterwards).

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Silly Sadee

I couldn't have captured a more authentic Sadee than with this picture. She is the giggle in our lives and finds everything funny! She says her eyes look like Igor's. :)

5K Run

Did I mention that I am coaching track next year? My new job as a 7th grade PE teacher includes helping with track which I am ultra-excited about. Our sixth-graders dominated in the district meet this month with our school taking first in almost half the races! I had a student run the 1600m in only 5:28! Last weer, having only ran a mile ever, four kids came out and joined me for a local 5K race. They all finished in under 25 minutes and some even placed. These kids were meant to run. So I couldn't be more proud as their mentor this year and look forward to seeing what they will accomplish next year in JH. I have the best job!

School's Out For Summer!

I officially have only 3 days until school is out for summer... horrah!! I am a list a mile long of things I am going to accomplish in the next 12 weeks like potty training Ava, swim lessons, organization of EVERY room in our house, yard work, training for races, t-ball games, becoming an aunt :), and much more. I know most people use summer for sleeping in... I am thinking I am going to continue to be up by 4:30am to get it all done. I am excited for summer though. First year we'll have a yard to play in. That alone has the girls shouting with energy. They want to be out there all the time.