Friday, August 22, 2008

Sadee heads to school

My little Sadee started Kindergarten this year. She has been excited yet nervous for most of the summer, yet came home that first day and talked to me for 15 minutes straight about songs, friends, gingerbread man hunt, lunch, tire swings, and much, much more. She was so cute. I on the other hand, was a blubbering mother (something I don't do) about the whole thing. But, no one told me what a fun thing it is to have your kids come home and tell you about their day. It is my favorite new thing! She seems so grown up to me now- setting her clothes out each night, helping with her lunch and then waking up with a smile the next day to say, " I'm up mommy, it is school day!"
Ava has missed her a lot but each morning they hug and Ava tells her bye and to have fun at school. Precious I think. :)

I also started my new job at SMS teaching 7th grade PE and 8th grade aerobics and weights. IT IT IS SO FUN!!! I worried I might not have made the right decision but I did. It is fantastic. I work with great teachers, the funniest athletic director, the greatest kids around. I miss my girls but feel blessed to have lucked-onto such a SWEET position. I think I will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my job this year. YEAH!! out

Sunday, August 10, 2008

1/2 Marathon = Trouble

I ran in the Provo River 1/2 Marathon with my brother and his wife this weekend only to discover that my injury from last year's marathons returned with a vengence. I was pretty disapointed to be running so well only to feel knee pain at mile 5, not even half way into the race. SO FRUSTRATING! I ended up finishing by running on my good leg, dragging my bad one, all the way to the end. I was pleased to finish but very mad that once again, an injury prevented me from running a competitive race. My brother did well and Brianne, my sister-in-law did awesome coming in in under 8 min miles. Me, well I will be making an appointment with the knee dr. this week. I guess I should just figure it is another way the Lord is trying to humble me. But hopefully I will have workouted all the "knee issues" (pretty sure I have ITB BAND) and can competitively run next summer.

I'm an AUNTIE!!

Yes, I am officially (I say officially because I inherited many neices and nephews when marrying Dave but this is the first birth on my side besides my own kids)an aunto my newest little nephew, Collin Ryan O'Berry, who made his arrival early Thursday morning weighing 6 lbs. 8 oz. and 21 inches long. He is beautiful, healthy and my sister is a champion mommy already.
Funny how things work out in life. I drove down to Utah on Wednesday afternoon to be there early Thursday morning for her induction. We went to dinner when I arrived Wednesday and hadn't sat down before contractions sent us immediately to the hospital. I guess that boy wasn't going to make his mommy be induced (something she wasn't very happy about). It was really neat to be there helping her and watching as little Collin was born. Especially because she did all the work!! What a miracle birth is. He is very cute.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A week of fun

This week is going to be worth remembering. Check out what is on my list :)

Watch my FIRST baby birth- sister overdue, being induced on Thurs!

Run the Provo 1/2 Marathon on Saturday- hopefully in my fastest time yet

Shop for Sadee school clothes- first child off to her first year of school :)

Finish my favorite book series... TWILIGHT- on page 400- half way done