Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hair Update... not really

So I chickened out and didn't ACTUALLY venture out and do something new with my hair. I did add highlights though. Sadee took the honors of capturing the change on camera.


Check this conversation out- Like mom like daughter.... literally!

Sadee "Mom, what is your favorite food?"

Me " Um, have to say cookies."

Sadee "That isn't a real food. It is just a fun food."

Me "True, but it is still my favorite."

Ava "Mine is chocolate."

Sadee "Then I call fruit snacks!" (she has said this since a year old. I have included a picture of Sadee from WAY back when I locked the cupboard because that is SERIOUSLY ALL she would eat.)

Yes people, we have a sugar problem. I am WELL aware of that. :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

"We HAVE to play in that snow momma!"

And that they did. After 20 minutes of gearin' up the girls were ready to attack the yard. They were all smiles... Until of course the blowing snow froze their little faces and then the tears started. Is this pattern bringing back any childhood memories anyone??? Thank goodness PB&J and hot cocoa fixes most winter tears.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Marathon Love and Jamie Parks

I have thought about this show all week long. I hope some of you watched it and will give me your thoughts on how inspiring this family was. This year I think I have been in need of inspiration more than most and this story was the ticket.

This man, Jamie Parks fell in love with his wife Lynn back in the 1980's. Then, only months before their wedding Lynn was in a tragic car accident leaving her body extremely mangled and a severe brain injury. Did Jamie leave? No. Knowing their lives were forever changed, Jamie stuck by her side. It took her 7mns. to speak (her speech is still very slurred today) and 7 years to walk but as promised he married her in 1994 and since then they have accomplished the following:

* Had a beautiful daughter (natural birth)
* Ran 170 races while Jamie runs and Lynn and baby girl ride in the wheelchair
* Qualified for the Boston Marathon pushing Lynn in an astounding 3:12:00!
* Completed the Boston Marathon together in only 3:25 minutes.

To make it more amazing, Jamie had recorded most of their life together from way back in the 1908's. Now his daughter will be able to watch his unwavering love for her mother. I was so moved by this man.
His love for her is Christlike love. He can see her, not her body or her imperfections. I have thought about that so much this week. How Christ see's our goodness and our potential and reaches out to us to help us become what he sees we can be.
I hope that I can work to be more like Jamie Parks.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cool New Website

This is my favorite new website-

This guy lists coupon codes, sales, promotions and secret discounts for almost any store you can imagine. He gives his top 10 bargains for the week and then lists printable coupons and other online shopping deals.

I just bought new running shoes and literally saved over 1/2 the regular price... plus free shipping!

His advice- Don't EVER shop anywhere without visiting his sight. There is ALWAYS a discount available.

Cool huh!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Looking For Your Opinion

I have a hair appointment this week and have been contemplating what to do with my hair. Should I add color? Do I pick a style that is straight, leave it curly, cut it, grow it out?

So all suggestions are welcome. I included a picture of straight hair to aid your comments. :)

Dave- leave it long and curly
Sadee- long and straight
Ava- Curly!

Tell me yours....

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wrapping up the Week

Sadee's class became "Whoville" on Friday spending the day doing Grinchy things. Of course Sadee AND Ava wanted to be Cindy Lou Who- the pictures tell the rest of that story.

These were just too funny not to post.

Sadee's Dance Recital- Hippo for Christmas- really cute even though all the kids had major stage fright with 80 adults watching.

Sadee's Creativity-

Tonight Sadee created this little set-up. It was a resturant she said. If you can't tell the toys are the food, each person has a "napkin" and drink. I laughed out loud when she turned to me and said, "Mom, maybe I won't be a teacher or a doctor. I might just have to be a cooker because I practiced so much at that."

Let's stick to plan A Sadee K.

"Honey, will you PLEASE put up the lights?"

I finally said it. And it worked! Dave put up the lights within a week and they look presentable. Yes, we came across many of the same Christmas Vacation problems such as

- Ladder issues
- Miss stringing up a gable
- One light bulb on one string doesn't work
- And of course, after the lights were on only for 5 minutes, one entire string wouldn't work.

But I was out shopping when all of those problems occured.:) (Thanks Honey) I did however enjoy some of my own "fun" holiday shopping problems.

-Took both Ava and Sadee (call me a wimp, pathetic I know, but at Christmas time it is like every store has done everthing in their power to market to kids! It is like taking an alcoholic to a bar and then saying NO, NO, NO!. Drives me crazy.)

- While standing in line at ROSS (sidenote- has anyone out there NOT stood in line at ROSS like everytime they go there?)Ava slyly breaks open a Christmas basket and starts eating the preztels. It was 1 pm and I guess she was hungry. Love that. Also, the lady behind me's cart fell over causing her child to fall and get a HUGE bump. Poor kid.

-Had Sadee announce loudly in the middle of Best Buy- "Mom, we are too poor to shop here. The price of this TV is eight numbers long!" Thanks Sadee for keeping mom in check and everyone else laughing.

The day has a good ending. I was able to fill up for $1.41, took the girls to the library, didn't have to grocery shop, found the perfect gift for Dave, and the funkiest pair of PE shoes for me for only $12!

How does ANYONE shop for more than a few kids? Seriously, that takes major planning.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kindergarten Craft Night

Yes, these are the rag muffin pictures of our family enjoying EVERY minute of our Christmas Tree making. What can I say... curly hair is CRAZY after naps!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Just For Me

It seems like my brain is wracking at this late hour to remember all of the cute things my kids said today. Just can't forget them. So this is mostly for me to journal those mommy moments that make it all worth it.

Ava- we play I love you the most, no I love you the most lately. She topped me tonight with I love you more than Disneyland! That is lots of love little Ava. :)

Ava- brushed up to touch a tree ornament and exclaimed, "The tree tickled me!"

Sadee- when questioning whether elves are real and i told her I believed so- "How cool is that job!"

My girls making glitter foam Christmas trees while singing Christmas songs. Our house was mess, we all looked like we'd had quite the day( pictures coming) but I was able to zone in on that little moment and relish in what a family is all about. I am so blessed.