Sunday, December 6, 2009


This is Dave. Kari and I wanted to reach out and give you a quick update on the journey our family is experiencing, mostly to let family and friends know how much we love you and are so grateful and humbled by all your thoughts and prayers and concerns for our family's behalf. We deeply appreciate all the help and love we have received and continue to receive from so many wonderful people.

Sadee is enjoying first grade. She loves being able to read and write and is very talented at math. She has made wonderful friends being at a new school this year and loves her teacher, as do we, Mrs. Goodwin.

Ava has been able to attend a neighborhood joyschool and spends lots of time with mommy, cooking, playing and visiting grandparents. She has developed a contagious sense of humor and keeps our spirits lifted.

Kari is as expected- worried, emotional, afraid and so deeply heartbroken by the devastation that has resulted by this experience. With the loss of a career she is now home taking care of Ava and Sadee as well as doing everything she can to seek understanding and make restitution for some grave errors.

The last three months have been extremely hard, but we still feel gratitude for the many blessings our family receives, even among this tragedy. It is Christmas time and we would be nobody to not acknowledge the Lord in our lives. We continue to ask for His help and your prayers as we stand to face some pretty drastic changes in our family in the next week or so.

Kari wanted me to post that all friends and family who can come on Thursday, December 17th @ 10am to support in her sentencing are wanted and welcome. She would appreciate that support so much.

Much Love and Merry Christmas

Dave and Kari

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back to the beginning

In May of 2004 I was a new mommy and needed a way to get back into shape. So...I bought a jogging stroller and hauled Sadee up and down 300S. in Provo for months and months. The longest I ran was 9 miles.


Abbie, this cute girl from the gym convinced me to run in the Spanish Fork 1/2 Marathon. I was nervous to run 13 miles but I abliged. I ran that 1/2 in right under 2 hours.Now, 6 yrs. later I am running more than ever, completely committed to the sport and have ran MANY more miles than 9 or even 13. It is part of who I am. I am a runner. :)


This last weekend I wen back to run the same race where it all began.

I didn't get the time I was hoping for but considering the wind, the hills, and the 60 mile weeks I'm logging for St. George next month,I faired pretty good against the steep Utah competition. My time was 1:34:02

I took 1st in my division and 4th overall. My sister-in-law Brianne placed 2nd in her age division. Even with asthma she ran a great time. We had a lot of fun hanging out for a day or so with just the two of us. Thanks Bri for running with me.

Now my mind is on the big one.... St. George on Oct. 3rd
Less than four weeks away.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Hair

What do you think? I decided to try it straight for a change. Give me your thoughts.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mesa Falls Marathon

Well, I made it. That is was the goal people. It's been two years since i ran a full marathon and the last time I did one,(Mesa Falls ironically) I was hit with ITBband so severely I found myself walking almost all of the last 7 miles. It is a very miserable memory.

BUT...this time I had no injuries and was able to run the entire time. I was cheering the whole time about that part. This is a journal for me to remember so forewarning it is detailed..hehe But here is the recap

Having to be in Ashton by 4:45 am to pick-up race packets, eat, potty and catch the bus by 5:15 made for a very early wake-up call...3am to be exact though Dave and I slept through the alarm until 3:45am. VERY lucky we even got up. Here is a picture from me in the car after picking up my number.I was tired but excited. There were SO many people there, many more than I remember from 2007 and so many from out of state. Pretty cool for a little town like Asthton, ID.
I sat by a guy from NY on the bus and was smiling the whole ride up as I overheard a group from Austin, TX talking about all of there racing experiences. I related so well to most of it. That is one of my favorite parts of racing I've decided-being around so many other people with the running disease.:) I can't tell you how often I've made the comment that runners are just such great people. I think it has something to do with it being a mental sport, so refining to the mind. idk, but Dave agreed with me this time after meeting and chatting it up with various finishers all morning.

The course was beautiful and weather perfect starting in the 40's and ending in the 80's. I had planned to conserve myself and run a steady 7:30 pace the first 15 miles and see how I felt the last 11. The first 4 went smooth, effortless really. However, not even into mile 6 the worst case of intestinal havoc hit me and I ended up in every porta potty and even the forest for the next 15 miles. It was a rediculous thing to watch I'm guessing because the group I was pacing with would laugh as I would dart of into the trees, then catch back up, only to be left behind again. SO FRUSTRATING!! The crazy part about it was I was feeling so good running wise. I was keeping a great 7:20 mile between stops but with 10 or so stops that pace starts dwindling fast. And I was stressed, admittedly. There was a one girl ahead of me and in my sights until after about mile 8 where I had just stopped too much to keep her in my view.

It's ok, I told myself, I came out to run this for training. I just want to finish respectably. But as luck would have it, as I was finishing my last mile on the trails, mile 16, there she was, I'd caught back up to that girl, and as AC/DC came on my ipod I thought...

now or never. Girl, you're going down right here.

Mile 16 is mine.

And so I passed her on the final steps before the pavement. Guess she was Thunderstruck..hehe Passing someone for the lead feels about as good as being passed for the lead feels terrible. I knew I broke her spirit as we approached the dreaded 3.5 mile climb up towards Asthton. But I couldn't have been happier. I was in the lead now.

The hills were challenging. I past a walker, a guy puking on the side, and I myself, had to slow up significantly to perserve my energy for that final 10k, but the Bone hill training had been good for me these last couple months and that climb didn't kill me quite like the Teton Dam hill did.


The last 6 miles proved to be everything everyone told me. HARD AS HELL. It was hot, I was dehyrated from TOO many potty stops and my mind was starting to lose interest in the sport I love so much. In fact, at the 25 mile water station I sat down and aloud stated to the nice couple helping me with gatorade, "Why did I want to do this? Why? Why am I doing this?" But with their encouragement and a little over a mile to go I ran, even with Dave that last 400 meters to come in at 3hours and 24 minutes. I even stayed ahead of the other girl and captured 1st. Here I am running into the gate.

Lynette, my running buddy, put it best when telling me she always feels like she's been run over by a train after a marathon. AMEN. I've never wanted to sit so much in all my life. My lungs and heart could've gone for another 26 but my body was SO fatiqued. I felt slightly tramatized to be honest. I felt nauseous, shaky, and completely busted but happy that I finished this time running the entire 26. This is me sitting on the grass afterwards because frankly, I had no energy in my legs to stand.

As we left I told Dave how much I already dreaded running that distance again in 6 weeks at St. George. Though today, only one day later, I'm already excited for the challenge to do it all over again. With a taper, and hopefully a resolution to the potty issue, I hope to be able to race my little heart out and come in at my goal time of 3:10:00 or less to make the last race of the season a VERY memorable one.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Want to do go do something SUPER fun?

Then plan on going to the IDEA World Fitness Convention next year!!

I just returned from spending last week at this year's in Anaheim refreshed, motivated and with TONS of great memories. My mom and Dave were so gracious to take over mommy responsiblities so I could go down there to get credits, learn and play with other crazy fitness women like me. Here were the highlights. :)

- Stayed in the BEAUTIFUL Marriott right down the street from Disneyland. We could here the fireworks at night. NEVER have I been so grateful for a bed and a shower. We worked out ALL day.

- Met Tony Horton. That's him in the picture. He was as crazy and animated as he is in his fierce P90X workout program. He was so nice though, so willing to hang around and take pictures with everyone...and most importantly... HE KICKED OUR BUTTS! He's like 53 and completely ripped. The TV paid him no favors.

We ate at In & Out (like 9pm mind you..) and heard the FUNNIEST guy laughing hyeterically for seriously like 10 minutes straight. Diane, Tami, and Erika and I were crying laughing AT him. So funny...and a yummy hamburger too.

- I was inspired by this piece of equipment.... A KRANK Cycle.

It is a hand bike designed by Johnny G, the creator of Spinning, and had limitless possiblilities as a training tool. It encompasses ALL populations which is the coolest part. And make note... SO CHALLENGING. We kranked for only 30 minutes and were busted. Such an amazing workout, despite my thinking an upperbody machine couldn't get my heartrate up...BOY WAS I WRONG..:)

- Took EndoRow, a new and upcoming trend, with the world champ row guy from Italy. Hard workout. Did you know rowing is 65% legs?? I learned so much about the sport. Super cool

= Did the Ja Ho form Slumdog while jumping on these things. They're called Kangdoos. Hilarious people but tons of fun. Like mini trampolines hooked to your shoes.

- I got to hangout and laugh with these ladies.

It was so fun. Thanks guys for a great week!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Socks with a swimming suit please?

That's right. I feel like I should wear socks when I go swimming to avoid scaring people away with my feet.

I have runner's feet.

Novice runner's feet actually which are bruised, battered, knobby, blistered and every other thing imaginable. They are not pretty but they carry me hundreds of miles each month. I have to be grateful even though a getting a pedicure is probably way overdue.

However, even after orthoditics, change of shoes, etc, I STILL have major blisters on my big toes. I am currently researching the Nike Free or the vibramfivefinger free shoes but have yet to embark. Anyone out there tried either? Did you see improvement?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quick Getaway

Growing up my parents spend lots of money and lots of time making sure my siblings and I saw the world. In fact, traveling every summer we about visited every state along with places outside the US. I haven't QUITE made the same commitment to my kids but I did tell myself I would spend weekends with Dave taking them to all the cool spots around here that are worth seeing.

Today was Mesa Falls.

I love how the the mist creates a microenvironment where lots of cool vegatation grows ONLY there and no where else. Sadee and Ava loved the visitor center where they got to see a video on wolves, touch and feel various skins of animals in the area, and finally see what a marmot looks like. Pretty cute little things.

I rocked the Rock and Roll Race

This weekend's race was the PB Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon and it did rock and roll. With a good recovery week I felt excellent the whole time and was able to run a nice and easy 1:33:11 to capture first place overall in both the men's and women's division. (thanks Jeff for bagging out on this one. haha :))The coolest part was a I snagged a free pair of shoes from Brooks, any shoe of my choice, for the win and even some free socks. COOL HUH! I love shoes!!!

We also traveled to Utah for a family wedding. Pictures soon!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Imagination is a beautiful thing

Sadee has an incredible imagination. In fact, I think that is one of her strongest personality traits. She sees something amazing in her mind with almost anything. This week I captured just a couple pics of her in action. The first, her dancing to Moonlight Sonata. The picture doesn't do justice. Her face told the story. She has the EMOTIONAL part of dance down for sure, and this summer her ballet teacher told her she has beautiful feet and lots of potential as a dancer. Sadee was thrilled.

Sadee can design anything. She has an eye for actually really cute stuff from furniture to clothes and jewelery. Lately her favorite thing to do is take MY clothes and make them fit her. That's right, she pins them, adjusts them, making them just perfect for a 6-year-old. Hello. Future designer. I think they look cuter on her "redesigned" than on me.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Money and more money...

So Dave and I have tentatively been thinking about upgrading our vehicle. We like our camry and we LOVE Toyota so we've been pretty content, however, we recently were approached by Dave's parents to buy there Sequoia which will soon be out-of-lease. It's a good deal so it's got us thinking about how to best go about the changing cars thing.

Like I said, we love Toyota. They are the best we think. They retain value like crazy and run FOREVER. So we visited the dealership just to compare and see what was new with them lately.

Here's what the sales guy told me.
"It's an investment."
I laughed out-loud. I should've been more polite but I couldn't help my reply of what?? Are you serious?? Cars aren't an investment? They are a have-to item that are anything but an investment.

I know. I'm outspoken. I couldn't help it. That is just silliness. Cars lose money everyday. Investment GROW money everyday.

I hate that line. Bad line.

Anyways, the bottom line is dang, cars are EXPENSIVE!! It boils down to this...

In speaking of the family, my pick is this. The Land Cruiser. Timeless. Such a cool vehicle. BUT, also WAY spendy for a family who teaches school and checks potatoes.

This is what Dave wants. A Crewmax Tundra. I like these too. It is like as big as our Camry in the back. But again, very spendy.

This is the car we will probably get because it is steal of deal. A 2006 Sequoia. It's nice.

But let's be honest. If money was no issue I would buy one of these. A Corvette, a black one, or ANY, and I mean ANY, Ferrari. Those cars are insanely sweet. ( which sidenote, being at the Apple everyday for swimlessons I have noticed that there are a lot of people who drive NICE, very nice cars there. Geez.)_

Any of you had ANY of these vehicles? Want to give us your opinion?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I ran today...I mean REALLY ran

This weekend's race, the Kelly Canyon 1/2 Marathon, has been stressing me out for quite sometime now. I think mostly because I have been gorging on junk food lately and spending less and less time stretching and strengthing my muscles. You know, all the SMART parts of running. In fact, yesterday, the day before a big race, I ate mini powdered donuts, peanut butter M&M's and Cragio's all-you-can eat buffet. THIS WAS NOT THE FOOD OF CHAMPIONS as you will later read.

Morning started out good. I felt well-rested and recovered. I ate toast and a fruit bar for breakfast and even got to ride up to the start with the IF Running Icons. WAY COOL. I did however notice that I was making more trips than normal to the bathroom. Good it's now and not later though... at least I THOUGHT.

We started. The first 3 miles were a screaming downhill (I clocked a 17:20 for the first 5K)followed by a hill out of Heise and then a tortuous dirt, more ROCK, road that was very challenging to keep pace on. It was also around this point, mile 5 or so that I first stopped to use the bathroom.... in the weeds.

In ALL my races this has never happened so I was already bummed to have to take the time to stop for that. That ONE stop. Oh little did I realize...

Kept running.

Mile 7 comes. Oh dear. I have to stop again. Thankfully this time there is a welcoming orange porta potty... and a water station. YES!

I get going again and haven't been running more than 2 miles when I have to stop again in the weeds, and a mile later, AGAIN!!!

People. It was NO FUN! I was dying. My stomach was in such misery.

Finally, Jeff Shadley ran back and found me on that last mile and encouraged me the whole way in for the finish. I was SO HAPPY TO BE DONE!!!

So... I ran a race having the "runs" the whole way....hahaha That was quite the experience.

The stats??

Not a PR today, which I was really hoping for, but even with all the stopping I still snagged 1st place and 2nd overall. Only Jeff, "The Legend" beat me. His time was 15 minutes faster. Unreal. I know.

My time was 1:30:57

I will be doing that one next year though, WITHOUT the pizza gorging the night before. hahaha

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Randomness of a Thursday

Today has been very random....

I got a notice to go pick-up a certified letter at the Post Office, which was a notice that I have too many weeds in my yard and will be fined.


I have NO weeds in my lawn in fact. I called to inform the brillant whoever that assessed our yard that they were a little mislead on addresses.

I also found the missing ballet slippers that have been missing for weeks and weeks. I actually found a lot of missing things going through clothes on our basement for the swap tonight.

Sadee asked, for the second time if I would buy her a ukalele. I don't even know hardly what that is so don't ask me why she does. I laughed again.

My mom offered me a piano for which I have NO CLUE where I'd put in our house. Not everyday someone offers you a FREE piano.

I hired a running coach via Indianapolis. I debated for a long time on this and decided I need more direction so here goes nothing...or everything depending on how you look at it. It will be interesting if it will be a good thing or not. The jury is out.

And finally, I read where the REALLY hot actor on the Step Up is married. He married the girl he was in the show with. Bummer... he was mine, along with my girlfriends, secret love.. haha

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Whoa There!

I shop often. I've never been good at storing food. I just am no good. BUT people, I will tell you, this week I saw a house that seriously...


had so much food it was almost comical. I mean, I feel like I should give the address out so in case there's a major castastrophe so you'll know where to go.

I saw not only a full fridge and freezer but the following

I walk-in closet downstairs storage with EVERY kind of food you can imagine.
Another fridge outside full
TWO upright freezers full... I MEAN FULL!
A deep freezer full

I had the whoa there face I'm sure, but hello? Why even go to the grocery store?.. which they do often. I can't even afford a deep freezer let alone afford to fill 4 of them!

To there credit they are about the nicest family you'll ever meet and probably would feed anyone, anytime. I know they would.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Firecracker 5K and the 4th of July

The Firecracker 5K went well. Even with a pulled quad I ended up running a pretty good time of 19:36 taking 4th for the women. The winner was a long-distance runner from ISU and a National Steeple Chase competitor who came in at 17:25. FAST!!

Then we spend the morning at the parade with Grandparents. My favorite thing in the parade is the BMX bikes. Aren't those so cool? I can't imagine doing that stuff on a bike.

We also went to the fireworks, which were awesome as always, though it was sort of sad not hearing Wayne's voice.

Happy 4th!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fun in the Sun

at Ross Park. The lazy river was the hit of the day, and the pictures speak for themselves.

Happy Summer... FINALLY!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

This week I took the girls down to Salt Lake to party with family. We had so much fun! We were able to visit the new Oquirrh Temple, play at some AMAZING parks, and spend the weekend up in Oakley at my aunt's cabin. It was really fun to spend time with the Saxey girls. We played games, danced, colored, went on nature scavenger hunts, ate LOTS of yummy food and took rides on the Ranger, definitely the favorite of the week. It was so relaxing.

And even with all the partying I found time to log 60 MILES this week (one of the busiest running weeks yet) and go visit my favorite store, Wasatch Running where I was able to get some great new shoes, and some even BETTER training advice. That place is like Disneyland for me. hahaa

Thanks to everyone for making it such a fun week for us. We'll have to do it again.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

142, 125, 178....

These numbers seem to become MORE and MORE important in my workouts lately. I've been faithfully trying to stick to more of a heartrate based training and so far, I am more confused than ever. Not that this will interest MOST of you reading this but I still have to vent. This is just so overwhelming.

For example, a run will state... Long Aerobic Run 65 min. This means, according to Ryan Hall..hehehe, that my heart rate should be about70% of my MAX. That for me is around 130. Somedays that means that I run 8 min miles, however today, it meant I run 10 MIN MILES at best!
Example number two. Tempo runs should be intense. like 85-90% of your MAX. Hard stuff. For me that's the high 160's. Last week it took me running at almost 10miles an hour to hit that and today I was hitting it at only 8 miles an hour. Hello? So I have two questions in my mind...

1. Am I not improving?
2. Did I work so hard on previous workouts my recovery hasn't be adequate?

Then today, spending the afternoon at Wasatch Running in Sandy,UT I talked to an experienced runner and coach who said he checks his heartrate the night before a big run and if it isn't REALLY low, then he postpones his hard workouts another day. Wow. That kind of makes sense huh? HE says heartrate is the ultimate training tool...

So, with that said. I guess I will keep trying to figure it out, though I am such a novice with this stuff...

So if any of you want to shed some light on this complex training method feel free.:)

Bored yet? hahaha

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dave is Deserving

In remembering Father's Day I want to say that Dave deserves a day like that once a month. And, might I add, being the supporting person he is, he spent 3 HOURS Sunday afternoon following me in the car on a 20 mile run out in Bone so I would be safe and have water. Through thunderstorms and POURING rain he waited for me to finish. Who does that stuff?? He's incredible.

The girls and I made him french toast for breakfast and bought him something he's been eyeing up for a while now... A Red Marmmot Ski Jacket at Idaho Mtn. Trading. He was so excited. He really is so simple.

Dave, we love you. The girls and I spent some time today listing your best qualities. Here were the favorites....

Ava said you work hard and get her fruit snacks.... haha
Sadee said your handsome and are nicer than momma...she's probably right
I say you are appreciated so much for all you do to support our family, and more so, me as your wife.

Happy Father's day

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Like Mother like Daughter

Scenic Falls Saturday ended up being quite the event. I ended up signing up the girls to run the kids mile and believe or not, because I hardly could, Ava ran the ENTIRE time with no walking! Go Ava! Sadee is a natural of course and was way up ahead of us kicking butt with her friend Bryley... It was so fun to watch them run with their actually race numbers. It hadn't been more than 10 minutes after they finished when they both said they wanted to run again... SUCCESS!!

Here is their cute pic right before the race.

Watching the girls was the HIGHLIGHT of the race for me but I'd be lying if I didn't say I was excited about my OWN performance. I was disspointed I didn't AGAIN break 40 minutes but I DID WIN!! I won the the 10k and beat out Mara Briggs (way fast runner), and Katie Murry (SUPER fast cross-country girl). My husband says I should just face the facts that I, Kari, am FAST too. Faster, but seriously, I still feel like the runner who idolizes all these other amazing runners. I think I just set SUCH a high expectation for myself that I can't appreciate the victory I had today. It was a great win... and I even won MONEY!!! Check it out

I LOVED seeing and getting to talk with so many of the GREAT people I've met this year running. I know there is great people everywhere but seriously, runners are such cool people. Getting asked to run with Jeff Shadley, the LEGEND of running, who was lightening fast in Boston, come on, that is AMAZING!!! And meeting people like this...

Lynette Kunz. Mother of 8, athletic director, GORGEOUS, amazing runner, and about the warmest and most supportive person you'll meet.

But I had to smile when Sadee took this picture of me right before a run this week. I could almost pull off a real runner... check it out. I am NO Kara Goucher but hey, it's looking a little closer right? hahaha

I learned a lot from that race. I guess I learn a lot from all of them. It was a great day. And we even got to spend the afternoon up in Palisades touring a cabin that was SO nice it would take me pages to describe. A Chateu really. Check out the do NO justice. It was gorgeous up there.

Then a barbeque with Dave's work and ya, that pretty much wraps up a Saturday for us. But tomorrow is Father's Day so the party keeps going.. :)