Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Want to do go do something SUPER fun?

Then plan on going to the IDEA World Fitness Convention next year!!

I just returned from spending last week at this year's in Anaheim refreshed, motivated and with TONS of great memories. My mom and Dave were so gracious to take over mommy responsiblities so I could go down there to get credits, learn and play with other crazy fitness women like me. Here were the highlights. :)

- Stayed in the BEAUTIFUL Marriott right down the street from Disneyland. We could here the fireworks at night. NEVER have I been so grateful for a bed and a shower. We worked out ALL day.

- Met Tony Horton. That's him in the picture. He was as crazy and animated as he is in his fierce P90X workout program. He was so nice though, so willing to hang around and take pictures with everyone...and most importantly... HE KICKED OUR BUTTS! He's like 53 and completely ripped. The TV paid him no favors.

We ate at In & Out (like 9pm mind you..) and heard the FUNNIEST guy laughing hyeterically for seriously like 10 minutes straight. Diane, Tami, and Erika and I were crying laughing AT him. So funny...and a yummy hamburger too.

- I was inspired by this piece of equipment.... A KRANK Cycle.

It is a hand bike designed by Johnny G, the creator of Spinning, and had limitless possiblilities as a training tool. It encompasses ALL populations which is the coolest part. And make note... SO CHALLENGING. We kranked for only 30 minutes and were busted. Such an amazing workout, despite my thinking an upperbody machine couldn't get my heartrate up...BOY WAS I WRONG..:)

- Took EndoRow, a new and upcoming trend, with the world champ row guy from Italy. Hard workout. Did you know rowing is 65% legs?? I learned so much about the sport. Super cool

= Did the Ja Ho form Slumdog while jumping on these things. They're called Kangdoos. Hilarious people but tons of fun. Like mini trampolines hooked to your shoes.

- I got to hangout and laugh with these ladies.

It was so fun. Thanks guys for a great week!


Krista said...

Looks like you had tons of fun. Working out ALL DAY? You are a crazy woman!

Larsen said...

I am in awe. That seems like only fun to someone like you! I can't imagine working out every day for a few days as a vacation/getaway!

AO said...

Some day I will need to "pass out" on these machines you thrive on....hA HA HA. I'm so glad you had such a great time though.

Matt and Jessie said...

Glad to see you got some In and Out burger! I love that place. I am glad you had such a great time. Are you ready for school to start?